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A Civilization IV modmod based on Realism Invictus 3.5.


  • Christianity overhaul
    • Christianity replaced by Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism
    • Hidden RI leaders added:
      • Pope Innocent X (Rome)
      • Pope Blessed Urban II (Rome)
      • Eleanor of Aquitaine (England and France)
    • Catholicism
      • Begins with 12 Apostles, who are invisible and can spread religion in foreign countries
      • Society of Jesus wonder, enabling Jesuit missionaries
      • Can build crusaders under Militancy
      • Unhealth from temples, happiness from incense
    • Orthodoxy
      • Khorugv Bearer unit which provides inspiration
      • Happiness from monasteries
      • Happiness from incense
    • Protestantism
      • Very fast spread
      • Very inexpensive temples and missionaries
      • No Shrine
      • Late-game megachurches provide extra gold and happiness
  • New civics
    • Subsidiarity (labor)
    • Distributism (economy)
  • GUI
    • Civics screen updated to fit more of the complex features on screen without scrolling
  • Misc
    • Unit upgrade cost scaling reduced (2 -> 1 gold per hammer)
    • Spy build cost increased and movement increased to 2
  • Scenarios
    • FantasyEarth Huge
      • adds some mythological and fantastical touches to the RI world map
      • removed some of the more sadistic promotions from tribal forts

Install instructions

1. Install Realism Invictus 3.5

2. Install Realism Invictus hotfix 6
3. Rename the 'Realism Invictus' mod folder to 'Realism Phoenix'. Note that you can also copy the folder and keep them side-by-side. For steam users the path is normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Realism Invictus".
4. Grab the mod contents either from github or itch.io
5. Copy the Realism Phoenix folder from the mod onto the one in your install folder.


Realism Phoenix Alpha 1 1 MB

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